Saturday, March 14, 2009

Secret Supper Club

The menu, and a view from above.

Secret supper clubs are a buzztopic that have been making the rounds for some time now (see here, here, and here), but I always assumed the trend would pass me by, partly because I've never sought them out. Well, assuming makes an ass out of you and me, because after months of ambivalence toward these little gatherings, I was invited to one. What's it like to be in with the in crowd? I'd tell you, but I'd have to kill you...kind of. While the details can and should remain hazy, let these photos give you some clues as to what the scene was like:

The handwritten menu this week had a loose Southern theme, in celebration of visitors from Atlanta. Gritz-Carltons (see photo below), buttermilk biscuits with pulled short ribs and pickles, a Dirty South salad with buttermilk dressing and bacon, and classic chicken'n'waffles all made appearances. Without giving too much away, the dinner was in a private home, prepared and served by an incredibly gracious and talented couple who actually find the time to entertain weekly. It's not a publicity stunt in any way-- more like a classy (but not stuffy) dinner party, with seriously home-style dishes (and plenty of wine).
Buttermilk biscuits with pulled short ribs and pickles--way better than trendy sliders.
Chicken'n'waffles'n'mashed potatoes'n'gravy. The thumbs-up pretty much says it all. Amazingly, this chicken was fried in a skillet, not a deep-fryer, but it still came out crispy and tender in all the right places.
Dumplings in a spicy tomato sauce .
The Gritz-Carlton in all its glory-- grits in a spoon, with spicy merguez sausage .
Caramel apple cake, which was later topped with homemade lemon-thyme ice cream.

It was quite a spread, quite a crowd, and quite the night. I hope that I passed the initial testing period and will be invited back. Because what's better than going in to eat?

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Anonymous said...

To be honest, this looks pretty fun.
As a poultritarian (a word so laughable that my automatic spell-check wants to change it to "authoritarianism"), I've always been somewhat limited in not only what I can eat, but what I consider appetizing.
So I admit that the short ribs perhaps would not be for me.
Also, as a consummate yankee (I have everything but the hat), I have never actually experienced "Chicken N' Waffles", nor do I quite understand the phenomenon. Is it a breakfast item? I have always been opposed to breakfast, as a principle, but if it's a dinner item then what's the idea? That the chicken with the syrup soaks in to flavor in the waffles? That the waffles is like a pallet-cleanser, allowing unique tastes of the chicken? I admit, I do not understand.
Still, I admire cooking acumen, as a repeat offender (serial) of take-out. I guess I never thought myself cool or worthy enough for such things. Or perhaps I didn't know the right people. I feel like a peeping tom.