Sunday, November 23, 2008

Breakfast of Champions

Brunch, as the last stop for the week's goods, is a time of great creativity in kitchens. Unexpected treats oftentimes crop up on brunch menus, and it's also one of the few acceptable times to drink before noon.

I am firmly in the pro-brunch camp, as evidenced by the photo above.
This particular plate was a special at Lodge, one of my most frequent brunch haunts in south Williamsburg. It's a pile of cheddar grits, pulled BBQ pork, and poached eggs.
Look at this monster! Oh, it was a glorious conquest.


Brenda said...

I too am Pro-Brunch. Some of the best ideas have come from the Brunch table and 3 rounds of mamosas. xo, BLM

Ari Joseph said...

Our affinity for brunch shows that we've all become yuppies:

"In recent months, just about every aspect of yuppie life has been attacked. Joseph Trincellita wrote: ''On weekends they break out and brunch it up. Whee! This entire Yuppie population crowded into a giant Italian-style grape squeezer wouldn't yield one drop of talent.'"