Thursday, September 11, 2008

On Gluttony

Those who know me know I love pork. Those who love pork know that bacon is the crown jewel of pigs.
It is with this introduction that I present chocolate-covered bacon, the penultimate sweet/savory snack. It is sold at Roni-Sue's Candy Shoppe in lower Manhattan's Essex Market. Roni starts by taking 6 lbs of raw bacon, renders it down to about 1 lb, and then dips each strip into milk or dark chocolate.
Roni is a twisted genius.
Close-up on this magical, artery-clogging treat.


Ari Joseph said...

we've made this joke in several different forms now, but how could you be kosher knowing that this is out there?

Steven said...

If this is the penultimate, what's the ultimate?

Jamie said...

@ Steven: this: